2018 Jam

2018 XR Brain Jam

In 2018, the Brain Jam focused on neuroscience research and expanded from just VR to include other XR technologies. A total of 4 different XR technology platforms were used across eight teams.

Example 2018 Projects


Developers from NY-based Mokuni collaborated with a neuroscientist from the Neurosensory Engineering Lab at New York Medical College to create a prototype interactive experience for diagnostic and therapy applications related to traumatic brain injuries. This project combined a VR headset with EEG hardware.

Head On

Developers from Target, Planteta.cc, and The Glimpse Group collaborated with a neuroscientist from the University of Pittsburgh to tackle to problem of improving eye-contact in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This project used AR technologies on mobile devices.

“Paired up with an amazing team of developers, I was able to take research concepts of mine and co-create a therapeutic VR game. Being able to create an application (within just two days) that could possibly help patients just blew my mind. I’d encourage any fun-loving researcher who cares about the future of science and medicine to participate in the next XR Brain Jam. Although I might regret adding the extra competition for the next time… “

— Jonathan Fisher
Bent Spoon

Developers from Ubisoft and Solidworks collaborated with NeoroStorm Studios to create a proof-of-concept for brainwave-based input into digital game experiences with the goal of enabling those with limited mobility the ability to access both traditional and VR games.

ME, Myself, and I

Developers from THiNK IMMERSIVE, Quinnipiac University, NYU, and Hexagon UX NYC collaborated with a PhD student in behavioral and cognitive neuroscience from the Behavioral Sciences Lab at York College to create a VR experience to study experiences of bodily self-consciousness using fMRI. This project used a VR platform.

XR Brain Jam is an excellent way to see how immersive experiences can help push the boundaries in research.

— Jam Participant

2017 Jam

2017 VR Brain Jam

2017 was the inaugural year for the Brain Jam at the Games for Change Festival. In this first year, the jam focused neuroscience research as well as VR-specific technologies. There were 86 participants (22 researchers and 64 developers) who formed 12 teams.